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For $289 you can have up to 20 kids ($15 for each additional over 20) AND a Party Coach that will run games and will handle clean up! You just serve the food and cake!

You can bring in any food and non-alcoholic beverages you like!  We recommend bringing table clothes if you want something other then a white table cloth but you will be responsible for any paper goods needed for your party. 


You can use the MVP spaces (North/South upon availability) We have the basketball gym fun basketball games (knockout, 3v3 etc), Speed and Agility Obstacle Courses, and of course they can play dodgeball games as well. We also have a  caged/turfed indoor field for some many more games.


We have Nerf guns for an all out Nerf gun fight (some bullets and 20 guns provided!) 

We also have a very nice outdoor field for kickball. Ultimate frisbee, Whiffleball, and more!


The time typically is 30 minutes-1hr of Gym time and/or 30 minutes-1hr of another activity, and 30 minutes of pizza, cake, and presents! Total of 2hrs.


If you are set you can fill out the form below and make payment to secure your next party at MVP!

We do parties in MVP North and MVP South (Just directly behind MVP North - 50 feet)

Fill out form below and be directed to payment page.

Pick 3 Party Games

Get ready for some FUN!

speed and agility
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