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Baseball training has never been this fun. With countless drills and competitions baseball training at MVP will help your athlete build muscle memory like never before. Not only does MVP have turf and indoor cages we have daily access to a regulation sized baseball field! This makes training even more fun and allows for actual on field training for your athlete.

Our baseball trainers are trainers with actual coaching and on field experience and have learned from some of the best college and professional baseball coaches in the country. Our coaches are excited to share these lessons and tips with your athlete to give them an on field edge like never before. 

Baseball Training
Invested Coaches


Girls softball has never been more popular and we want your girl at her best. The drills and games at MVP are not only fun they are top notch drills created by some of the best coaches!

Our softball trainers are trainers with seasoned or current on field experience and are prepared daily to share lessons and drills that will be sure to provide an edge for your athlete. 



Basketball training at MVP is one of our specialties. We have the best drills and games packed with years of coaching experience. Our full court gym allows for game time practice and live court action providing improvements to your basketball player all year round. 

Each week basketball players will improve on their dribbling skills, defensive aggression, passing awareness, and of course shooting fundamentals. We are confident your athlete will improve each week. 

Basketball Training
Speed and Agility Training


Speed and agility at MVP Sports and Training is going to be the secret weapon your athlete has been looking for. Each week your athlete will take part in specialized workouts that centralize on developing faster and quicker movements while gaining strength.

Each week athletes will participate in small circuit groups participating in ropes, cone drills, light weight, big tire work, foot quickness, and much more. 

speed and agility
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