MVP Sports and Training is a sports and training facility that aims to increase the sports skills and agility of your child.  MVP takes grades (1st-8th grade) athletes directly from school into our facility for a drink and snack, short time of inspiration, and then sports and speed and agility training by experienced coaches. Current enrollment is for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's trainings.


MVP Sports and Training

MVP Sports and Training gives time back to the family by combining after school care with top notch sports training. Each M,W,F athletes can be dropped off or picked up by MVP from school and brought to the facility. They are given a sports drink and a snack, allowed to change (if needed), a time of inspiration, and then divided into baseball or basketball and speed and agility training.

Each week athletes are trained by experienced coaches in their specialized sport. Athletes will train for a day in their focused sport and a day in speed and agility. Friday will be GAME DAY where the athletes will have fun competing in sports games for prizes. 

Ready for these MVP Camps?
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  • October 15th-16th
  • November 23rd-25th
  • December 28-31 


From fundamentals to in-game situations baseball training at MVP prepares every player for excellence on and off the field. Click here for more.


Girl power has never been so fun. Our experienced softball trainers are ready to take these girls to the next level with special drills and techniques that will certainly give your athlete an edge.  Click here for more.



Basketball training at MVP is fun, challenging, and specialized. Each day exciting and creative drills will prepare your athlete for league or tournament play. Click here for more.


Speed and agility are the secret weapons for the athlete who really wants to excel. Our top line trainers know how to stretch athletes to their full speed and potential. Click here for more.



When do the MVP programs begin?

The MVP after school care begins with the start of school year. We keep the same schedule as Bixby public schools for early release, school holidays, and cancellations. Please be aware of that.

How much do the programs cost?

MVP Baseball or Basketball Training combined w/ Speed and Agility 3:00-5:15pm w/ *Pick-up options 5 and 3 Day options *$400 and $250 per month *5 Day Option Coming Soon

If need be, how do we cancel?

You may cancel your membership upon 30 days’ advance notice. Please note that changes in your aggreement will need to be completed in person at the MVP location.

What sport will my child be allowed to participate in?

Each school semester your child will be allowed to choose the type of foculized sport MVP offers. ie. baseball, basketball, softball (when available), etc. This will be the sport they sign up for at enrollment. They will be required to stay in this sport through the semester.

Will there be a place for athletes to change?

MVP has girls and boys changing areas. They have hooks for backpacks and benches to change for the day if need be. These areas are private and closed off from the opposite sex. We also have a private bathroom for those athletes who want to change in total privacy.

Is there only indoor space?

No, MVP has softball and baseball fields, as well as access to a running track and a large playing field for more outdoor experiences.

When and where does the MVP transportation pick up?

Effective Sept. 9th MVP transportation will begin pickups at Bixby North and North Intermediate, Bixby NE and NE Intermiediate, and Bixby West and West Intermediate. *Pickup capacity is subject to change based on enrollments.

Will my athlete need to have their own equipment?

MVP will have basketballs, baseballs, softballs, and all speed and agility equipment. Athletes will need to provide their own ball gloves, basketball shoes, etc. Athletes are responsible for their own equipment they bring. MVP is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment brought in by athletes.

Are parent or guardian drop offs welcome for the after school?

Yes, parents or guardians are welcome to drop off their athletes for the after school sports training program. Please specifiy this arrangement at enrollment.

Are parents or guardians allowed to stay and observe

MVP stresses a safe and secure environment with each adult being background checked. We strictly adhere to these guidelines and only allow for parents and guardians of athletes to be in the complex during trainings. In the case of an emergency please call 918-205-1777.

Is there a discount for multiple siblings?

Yes there is a 15% discount for each additional sibling enrollment.

What school grades are trained at MVP?

Currently MVP enrolls only 1st-8th grade aged student athletes for morning and the Fun and Fit P.E. Class and 1st-6th grade for the afternoon.